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We keep getting bombarded with emails from boys all over the country asking when We are available in (Insert City  Name Here).Suffer no delusions. We are based in Philadelphia- just like the site name states.We do not "tour" to make quick visitor cash in a city unknown to Us becausewe lack demand in our own. Not quite. We can barely keep up with our own clientele. We ocassionally hit a city to visit family,friends, an event, or, to attend another professional unrelated endeavor.  That said, do not email us asking when we are in "your city" if you do not see it listed under the News section or on Our Twitter feeds.



 Obviously, the Philly Dominas are Dommes and Fetish Exploration Specialists based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

A short ride from Lancaster, Allentown,Pittsburgh, Delaware, most parts of New Jersey and New York.

The Mistresses are often conducting sessions with players who are from out of town visiting Philadelphia and are unfamiliar with the great city of Philadelphia











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